self-taught contemporary art painter
1997 Graduate diploma of medical infomatics, University of Heidelberg, Germany

1995 Group Exhibition Gallery of the City Wendlingen
1996 Group exhibition Hall Nürtingen
1996 Solo exhibition coming artists, Esslingen Zell
2010 Group Exhibition Art Association Nürtingen
2011 Group exhibition at Art Association Nürtingen, Stuttgart
2011 Solo exhibition Villa Behr, Wendlingen
2012 Gallery Huggele, Esslingen
2012 Group Exhibition Art Association Nürtingen
2013 Art Fair Cologne
2013 Context Art Miami
2014 Solo exhibition Buchhandwerk, Nürtingen
2014 Artist House at Art Association Nürtingen
2014 Municipal Gallery of Nürtingen, Kirchheim, Wendlingen
2015 Solo exhibition Buchhandwerk, Nürtingen
2015 Gallery The Unit London, London
2015 Gallery Die Treppe, Nürtingen
2016 Group Exhibition Art Association Nürtingen
2016 PAK, Gistel
2017 PAK, Gistel
2018 Group Exhibition Art Association Nürtingen
2019 Gallery Sonnenberg, Stuttgart
2024 Ruby Atelier, Copenhagen

2013 JanKossen Contemporary, Basel
2015 The Unit London, London
2019 Gallery Sonnenberg, Stuttgart 
Richeldis Fine Art, London
Ruby Atelier, Copenhagen

artistic activity
2010 Member Art Association Nürtingen e.V.

2015 Interview coeval magazine
2012 My painting 'white green texture' was published on the title page of January issue of the art magazine art plus (Hong Kong / Taiwan).

Private collections in USA, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland.

artists, which inspire my work
I have not special reserved models of famous painters or art styles, but I like the harmonic colorfield paintings from Rothko, works from Gerhard Richter from the 80s to 90s, reduced paintings from Ryman, Rauschenberg (white paintings), Lawrence Carroll and Soulages.

My work focuses on texture and abstract color(-field) compositions. Most based on traditional media and techniques, such as canvas, paper, timber board, painted with acrylic and mixed media. Besides this, I create also intermedial artworks, this means analog paintings are used for digital modifying process to create a total new artwork.
Discreet colors, surface structures and textures of the environment and nature inspire me, creating new abstract compositions or restructured textured paintings. One focus of my work are reduced paintings in color and texture. The works reflect my attitude of life and of painting 'less is more'. In times of overload of visual impressions, I try to send the viewer on a journey of discovery across the painting surface and sensitive him for the few and less in color, structures, cracks and textures. “Material, color and composition, a perpetual challenge to create something new “